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levitra (vardenafil)

This medicine is intended to treat erectile dysfunction in men

levitra (vardenafil)

Instruction for use of the medicine Levitra

Before you start taking this drug, you should read carefully the data, which are presented in this article. They relate to the drug Levitra dosage of 5 to 20 mg. You should ask your doctor if you have questions regarding this material. Self-administration, change in dose or deviation from its recommendations is strictly prohibited.

Main features of the medicine

This medicine is intended to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This pathology is the lack of erection and inability to conduct intercourse by a man. The active substance of Levitra is vardenafil.

Medicine composition, therapeutic doses of the active ingredient

Levitra is available in tablet form. One tablet contains from 5 to 20 mg of the active ingredient vardenafil. The tablet is protected by a blister made of foil. The package contains one blister with tablets.

Mechanism of Levitra action on man's organism

The drug resolves problems with erectile function and enables a man to hold sexual intercourse. Erection is achieved by filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis by blood. Normally this is possible by relaxing the smooth muscles and active inflow of arterial blood. Active ingredient Levitra blocks the enzyme that reduces the concentration of cGMP in cavernous bodies. This process is possible in the presence of nitric oxide. The whole process was studied in detail by a group of scientists, and they held clinical test series in which experimental animals (rabbits and a control group of rats) and male volunteers participated.


The active ingredient enters the bloodstream by absorption through the stomach mucous. This process takes only 15 minutes. After oral administration the total duration of Levitra action reaches 5-6 hours. The peak activity of the drug occurs within an hour after taking. Fatty food influences the time of activation of therapeutic action. Properties of the active ingredient are not reduced.

Main rules of Levitra taking

The drug is used orally regardless of meals. To achieve therapeutic effect, the man should be in sexually aroused. Also the stimulation of the penis will be enough. The recommended dose is 10 mg. The drug in the above mentioned dosage should be taken 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. If the therapeutic dose has not brought the desired result, it may be increased to 20 mg. If the patient administrates other drugs, the dosage Levitra should not exceed 5 mg. This rule also applies to older men. All dosages are prescribed by the physician: the dose is prescribed individually, depending on associated illness. Dosage of 5 mg should be administrated at reduced liver function. Levitra is taken only once, the maximum dose is 20 mg.

Cases of overdose

Exceeding the maximum daily dose in 2 times had not a negative impact on the volunteer’s organism. After the taking of fourfold excess of the maximum dose (80 mg) the volunteer noted the pain in the lumbar spine.

Medical assistance in overdose. Substance that inactivates the active ingredient of Levitra does not exist. Side effects should be eliminated at the delivery of health care.


It is contraindicated to take Levitra if you have one of the following states:

  • cardiac vascular diseases
  • prohibition on sexual intercourse
  • sustained earlier myocardial infarction or stroke (less than 180 days at the moment of the medicine administration)
  • blood pressure rest below 90 mm Hg
  • considerable increase of blood pressure
  • cases of sudden increase of blood pressure without stable remission
  • inborn increase of the interval between waves Q and T
  • problems with heart valves
  • different forms of liver failure
  • considerable deterioration of filtration function of kidneys (including the use of artificial dialysis)
  • problems with retina (retinopathy, retinal detachment)
  • pathological deformation of the penis (inborn or acquired because of injuries)
  • leukemia, anemia, neoplastic processes in the blood circulation system
  • Levitra intolerance (of the active ingredient of one of other ingredients)
  • combination of this medicine and retrovirus drugs (used for HIV)
  • coadministration Vardenafil and nitrates

Levitra is not prescribed to children less than 16 years old and to women.

Side effects

Following side effects are possible:

  • headache
  • visual impairment (including color perception)
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • increase of the tone of some muscles
  • insomnia or increased drowsiness

Rarely the following problems were observed:

  • pain in the small of back
  • allergic reactions
  • myalgia
  • increase of creatinkinase concentration in blood

You should pay attention to:

Patients suffering from heart and cardiovascular system diseases should consult a cardiologist. Levitra may cause drowsiness, and therefore it is recommended to abstain from driving during the drug taking. It is prohibited to combine Levitra and other medications with similar effects. The effect of such combinations has not been examined. The patient bears full responsibility for his health in the case of Levitra taking with drugs of similar action.

Storage conditions

Levitra is produced in paper package inside which there is an aluminum blister. The medicine should be kept in a dry cool place with constant climate. The storage temperature should be between 20-30C. Production date is indicated at the package. It is prohibited to administrate expired medicine.