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levitra 20mg (vardenafil)

levitra 20mg (vardenafil)

The drug today is considered a powerful medication that helps to overcome sexual dysfunction at different stages. The active substance of the drug is Vardenafil, which is part of the phosphodiesterase group. In addition to the prolonged action, it has other distinctive features, namely that it affects selectively, only the smooth muscles of the penis. The action of Levitra is up to 36 hours, which distinguishes it among the other drugs of this type.

Vardenafil 20 mg allows you to achieve a long erection. Thanks to the active component, blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis is selectively enhanced, which is why a high-quality erection occurs. It is worth noting that the drug is not hormonal and does not affect the psyche. Levitra 20 mg is not intended for arousal, its reception only guarantees a quality erection if there is a strong sexual desire.

What are the advantages of Levitra 20 mg?

Many consumers were able to properly access the value of Vardenafil. Levitra has a much higher effectiveness than similar drugs like Viagra and Cialis, and research has confirmed this.

  • Vardenafil has high effectiveness, even for those who suffer from severe diabetes mellitus and underwent surgery on the prostate gland
  • the price of Vardenafil is affordable
  • high productivity

The tool has a more advanced formula, nonetheless, given the high level of quality, its cost is low. The drug rarely has negative consequences, and this is another positive aspect that favorably distinguishes it from the rest.

What are the restrictions for taking Levitra 20 mg?

Levitra 20 mg has only positive reviews from consumers, but despite this, it cannot be taken until it one turns 18. The fact is that at such an age the human body cannot be considered fully formed, the hormonal background is unstable, therefore the use of the drug can cause undesirable consequences. For other patients, the drug is prescribed, if there are malfunctions in the reproductive system, dysfunctions at any progressing stage and regardless of the cause.

For the first time, it is necessary to take the drug with a minimum dose, especially if there is likelihood of allergic reactions. It is recommended to start with 5 mg and, if there are no adverse reactions, you can increase the dose to the maximum allowed amount, namely up to 20 mg. If the patient has heart disease or is over 65 years of age, it is worth consulting a doctor who will help assess all possible risks and select the correct dose.

Specific usage restrictions

Despite the fact that the drug has minimal risk of side effects, there are specific restrictions to its reception, including:

  • hypertensive disease
  • intolerance of any component
  • one cannot take it with other medications that contain nitrates, as well as take the drug with drugs for angina
  • liver failure and renal failure in severe forms
  • oncological diseases
  • complications in the heart system in severe form

In the presence of the above diseases, the drug is not indicated for use. Therefore, try to take your health seriously and before you start using Levitra, get advice from your doctor. It is worth paying attention if you have shortness of breath during considerable physical exertion, dull pains in the chest area, if there are problems with the heart, then you can take the medication as soon as you receive a qualified consultation of the doctor.

The first dose can be started with half a tablet, which is 10 mg. If the desired result is not, the initial dose can be doubled (one tablet). However, it is important to remember that you cannot exceed 20 mg per day, this is the maximum allowable dosage. Otherwise, an undesirable body response to the drug may occur.