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levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

levitra soft 20mg (vardenafil)

The main active ingredient of this drug is vardenafil. It enters the blood within ten to twenty minutes after intake. By stimulating the walls of the cavernous bodies in the male sexual organ, the quality of erection is improved, as well as its duration.

Advantages of Levitra Soft 20mg

  • The product has an excellent taste, it can be taken without drinking water
  • The effect of the drug is established very quickly, within fifteen minutes after use
  • The effect lasts about twelve hours
  • It is allowed to take the medication along with alcoholic beverages and abundant food because the main medicinal components do not come into contact with them
  • It has as minimal side effects that rarely occur

Drug Generic Levitra Soft

A new chewing form called Generic Levitra Soft has come to replace the already well-known to the users Levitra. These chewable tablets act similarly to the brand Levitra, but it is more convenient for use. According to reviews of some patients, it is much more productive. Medical experts associate the effectiveness of this drug with the individual characteristics of the body when entering into contact with vardenafil.